The College of Public Health Medicine (CPHM), Academy of Medicine Malaysia (AMM) is the home for Public Health Medicine Specialist in Malaysia. Public Health Medicine Specialist applying to join the AMM will be placed under the CPHM. The CPHM AMM started as the Public Health Chapter in AMM in 1996, the CPHM AMM was only established in 2001 (History of CPHM AMM).

Over the years CPHM-AMM has contributed to the development of public health medicine practice in Malaysia. In 2011, with the strong collaboration of the College of Public Health Medicine and Public Health Programme, Ministry of Health, the Public Health Medicine Specialist was recognised as one of Medical Specialties by the Government of Malaysia. The College of Public Health Medicine has played a pivotal role in establishing Public Health Medicine Specialist Sub-Committee for National Specialist Register (NSR).

The Public Health Medicine Specialist can choose the following field of practice:

  • Public Health Medicine
  • Communicable Disease Epidemiology
  • Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology
  • Family Health
  • Health Management
  • Occupational Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Military Medicine

As the way forward, the priorities of the College of Public Health Medicine aim to focus on the area of capacity building, training, research, international collaboration and development of Public Health Physicians through enhanced collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Universities, Local Authorities, and other agencies. The College also plans to widen the horizons of collaboration with other Academies of Medicine and international organisations in order to strengthen the Public Health Medicine Specialists by developing the sub-specialty programmes, as well as competency standards required by both Public Health Medicine Specialists and its corresponding subspecialty.